Friends of Batwa International

Jiggers are eating up the Batwa – Kisoro

The sole of a child affected by jiggers. jiggers enter under the skin and if they are not removed they grow more and more. The suffering is terrible. children develop fevers, jiggers do not only affect children but also the old people, this is attributed to the poor sanitation in and around batwa settlements.

30th august 2021, all the children were washed each one was made to remove those worms and were helped, the wounds were treated and given medication, Then each one was given a pair of sandles and boots to protect their feet, so they don’t have to walk barefoot again.

Thanks to Terri parker and faith ablaze team for supporting the medical camp, on this medical camp, houses were sprayed, and over 100 people received specialized treatment, including Hepatitis B vaccines, malaria diagnosis and treatment, Family planning plans, deworming, eye treatment, abdominal complications, Hiv guidance, counseling and testing and those who were found sick were put on treatment, we plan to have another medical camp regular amd we hope to start a clinic in this place to help the batw and the whole community.